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  • Tuddy Cat

Our Unique Cat Store

Welcome to Tuddy Cat. The unique store for cat lovers.

We are not just another cat store that sells commercial items for cats lovers and cats, we handcraft and formulate lovely human skincare that is non-toxic and safe to cats. You don't have to worry about your cats being exposed to harmful ingredients that could cause your cat to become sick. In addition to being safe for people and cats, our skincare line is free from parabens, nasty chemicals, and essential oils and fragrance, and our ingredients are either or all Organic, Vegan, and Kosher. Beautiful skincare for those who want pure, bare minimum, and effective skincare. Our skincare line consists of oil serums, dry facial masks, and lip/balms for men and women.

We also express love towards cats by providing cat lovers with handmade cat cards and pillows, and by supplying commercial cat socks, cat scarves, cat toys, and other cat items.

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  • Tuddy Cat
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